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All the sports news about March Madness got me thinking about the Mad Hatter, which got me thinking about tea time and the March Hare, which got me thinking again about the saying, “Mad as a March Hare.”

I’ve been hearing this all my life, but only recently found out it’s meaning. So today, the first official day of spring, seemed like a good time to share it.

It seems the hares of the British Isles put on quite a show each spring, chasing and boxing each other in the giddy delight of the warm spring sun and the onset of mating season. They stand on hind legs and box, as the females repel males who have become, apparently, a bit obnoxious. This is behavior we don’t see in our town rabbits. Here’s a YouTube video I’ll try to embed.

Anyway, as today is the first day of spring and my schedule is a little lighter because of spring break, I got out in the garden for the first time this afternoon.

It was a couple of days past my usual goal of planting peas and potatoes on St. Paddy’s, but oh well. Not by much. I put out three kinds of seed potatoes, onions, shallots and of course, peas. Despite the dry winter, it was reassuring that the ground was at least damp as I turned it over with the hoe.

I won’t lie. I do sometimes get tired of gardening. We’ve been doing it for more than a quarter century, after all. But yet there’s just always something so nice about getting down in that fresh-tilled, slightly warm earth and putting one set then another into the ground. It’s a ritual of hope.

I’m hooked, I guess.

So here’s to spring.

Now, time for tea.

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Chicken sweaters!



No I’m not kidding! It’s a thing!

One of my friends retweeted this picture of how modern day chickens survive winters like these. Apparently you can find them on Etsy. And there’s a group in the UK devoted to rescuing chickens that has made a project of knitting the sweaters (where they’re called “jumpers”).

I’d love it if our city would allow backyard chickens. If they did, I feel sure I’d be compelled to knit a few sweaters. Who could resist?

Suppose they have patterns for egg sweaters as well?


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