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It’s a beautiful weekend. Full fall color on the trees, not too cold.

While many of us are beginning to relax and enjoy shutting down our gardens for the season, there’s still a way to put all those stooping and picking skills to work before winter sets in.

It’s called gleaning, and it’s a movement that’s beginning to catch hold in our area.gleaners painting

A group called the Society of St. Andrew (no, they don’t preach to you–they’ll work with anyone regardless of faith or lack of it) is out there this week, Nov. 3-6, trying to pick up a million pounds of squash that might otherwise be left on the ground at Carolyn’s Country Cousins u-pick farm in Liberty. The idea is to get as much edible squash as they can on the tables and shelves of food pantries to feed the needy in time for Thanksgiving.

And they need volunteers.

Gleaning is an old–ancient really–idea. Farmers allowed the poor to gather leftovers in the fields that couldn’t be sold. It’s been largely forgotten in the US until recently. Apparently the recent hard times and concerns over factory food have brought the idea back, hand in hand with a renewed interest in gardening.

I did a story on this for the Kansas City Star recently. (Read it here) It seems like a great way to get out into the countryside and do some good. And it’s a good reminder that we’re all in it together.

So here’s my plug: You can find out more about how to help SoSA from this website: http://www.endhunger.org/sosawest.htm

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